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Kadukkai is regarded as a panacea in Ayurveda and Kayakalpa in Siddha. Kadukkai eliminates all waste from the body, and promote tissue growth and health.  In Ayurveda it is known as the mother of herbs and regarded as a Kayakalpa medicine in siddha. Haritaki or Kadukkai is one of the three ingredients, which is used to make Triphala, suggesting its importance. Its five-flavored rasa (taste) is known to work against all three doshas namely, Vatha, Pitha and Kaba.

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  • Kadukkai powder is a natural laxative, tones up the digestive system, reduces acidity, improves appetite, improves digestion, regulates colon function and promotes proper assimilation of food.
  • Kadukkai increases the mucus production in the stomach forming a protective barrier thus preventing hyper acidity and ulcer.
  • Good tonic for the nerves. Effective remedy for treating skin diseases, mouth ulcers and gum diseases. Rinsing the mouth with kadukkai powder mixed with water, restores the taste and cures mouth ulcers
  • We offer fine quality, fresh & pure kadukkai powder.


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